The Plaza Hotel

A true fixture in Milwaukee since the roaring twenties, The Plaza Hotel is a classic European boutique hotel nestled in Milwaukee’s lower east side. As with many historic hotels, their branding got lost overtime and resulted in inconsistent messaging and outdated visuals. Tasked with discovering a marriage between the history of the hotel and its eclectic guests, Company B took a narrative approach, both visually and through messaging, creating a whole new adventure.

  • Brand development
  • Logo refinement
  • Graphic design
  • Website development

Front and Center

In keeping with storytelling theme of our photoshoot, the Plaza’s website captures guests through their journey. Big images, on-brand colors and cheeky messaging brings the hotel and vintage café to life.

Visit the Site

A Day in the Life

We worked with Haas & Haas to capture the intimate, European-inspired space. The photoshoot mainly centered around the theme of a “day in the life” of Plaza guests. Our muses included a young, approachable couple, well-cultured artists and variety of friends simply enjoy the unique space and surrounding neighborhood.


Why So Serious

In a playful manner, we also refreshed the hotel’s collateral. With a nod to adventure and capturing a love for travel, interesting graphics and phrases like “Flattery will get you everywhere” and “C’est Magnifique” can be found throughout the hotel – a fun way of piquing guest interest and keeping the hotel bold yet approachable.

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