The Great Outdoors Just Got Greater

The Great Outdoors Just Got Greater

Imagine a place where disconnecting from the outside world is as easy as campfires and lakefront sunsets. Where one shares stories as commonly as we exchange text messages. That place is Coon’s Franklin Lodge, a legendary Northwoods resort where families have come for generations to relax, bond and soak up the beauty of majestic Trout Lake.

A long-time haven for Chicagoans in the summer, the still family-owned/operated lodge realized they needed to begin marketing to a younger generation of families who too seek an authentic Northwoods experience. And that’s where we came in.

Our first step was photography. We initiated a collaboration with the Coon family and photographer, John Sibilski, who specializes in capturing genuine moments. Armed with hundreds of stunning photos, we enhanced their current website with a new color palette, responsive design and large photos to capture the rare charm of this iconic resort.

What’s next? Bringing a breath of new life to the lodge’s brand with attractive graphics and magnetic messaging. And to drive guests during the less-crowded spring and fall shoulder months, Company B is spreading the word through PR and planning unique events to gain more awareness and traffic to the website.

As they say on never-watched-here TV, stay tuned.

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