Brigette Breitenbach


As owner of her own marketing firm since 1996 and former PR manager for a Fortune 500 company, Brigette has been on both sides of the table and understands the important role agencies can play in branding and marketing. Her expertise is a meld of the hospitality and interiors industries. In addition to working for Kohler Co., managing PR for Baker Furniture, Baker Knapp & Tubbs, McGuire and Ann Sacks, Brigette has represented Councill, Cabot Wrenn, Hartmann & Forbes and Devine Color paint. A self-proclaimed hotel junkie, Brigette is proud of her team’s approach to story-driven brand development. She remains a hotelier herself as an owner of The Iron Horse Hotel in Milwaukee and enjoys consulting on interiors and environmental branding. The common thread in her career is an understanding of the luxury market and its demanding consumer base.


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