Self(ie) Love

Self(ie) Love

Scottfree Salon owner Scott Yance knows the transformative powers of a good haircut. He also understands the urge to show off the moment it happens via the ever-popular selfie. One day, after watching his clients snap “after” pics of their hair and posting them to their favorite social media channels, he had an idea: “What if I set up a ‘Selfie Station’ in my salon?”

A stroke of genius.

But Yance knew he couldn’t do it alone. He wanted more than an opportunity for clients to share their selfies on the Scottfree Instagram page — he wanted those images to go viral.

With the help of our app guru, Joel Glovacki, the Selfie Station was created, and Yance’s brainchild was elevated to a whole new level. The station not only shares post-new hairdo pics on the salon’s Instagram account, but gives selfie junkies the opportunity to email themselves a copy of the photo and post it to their personal social media outlets.

It’s a win-win for the selfie obsessed, and for the salon, whose social media presence is gaining momentum by the minute. To date, hundreds of selfies have been snapped, making #scottfreeselfie a viral sensation. Salon manager Kyle even gets in on the fun, cleverly photo-bombing unsuspecting client selfies.

This October, Scottfree will feature its first “Selfie Month.” Each week, Company B PR gal Jordan Dechambre, who manages the salon’s social media channels, will pick a “Selfie of the Week,” and the winner will receive a $25 gift card to the popular downtown hair haven. Scott, Kyle and the whole Scottfree team will encourage their clients to “work it, own it” for the Selfie Cam — a friendly competition to see whose client will take home the prize each week.

In the end, if you can’t love your #selfie, who can you love?

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