Ring That Bell

Ring That Bell

What do Art History, Philosophy and English Lit majors do when they want to work in sales, marketing, customer service or digital communications? Right out of college. With no experience. And in a competitive market like Chicago.

The quick answer is, become a Brill Streeter. When approached by Chicago-based Brill Street, the recruiting firm that specializes in Gen Y talent, we knew they needed a website as appealing to candidates as its own services.

Company B strongly encouraged straight-forward content, bold graphics and video to tell the Brill Street story.

The result is a site that not only lets candidates and prospective Brill Street clients hear success stories from counterparts, but it actively gathers content with an online survey to allow the firm to drill deeper into what motivates young job seekers.

For a company that literally rings a bell every time a Brill Streeter secures a job, their new website is striking a cord.

Check it out:


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