Reflecting on some of our best work

Reflecting on some of our best work

In 2008, Company B was engaged to develop the business plan, overall concept and branding of The Iron Horse Hotel. Guided by a desire to be the only boutique hotel in the U.S. that catered to both motorcycle enthusiasts and business travelers, we set course on a journey that not only branded a hotel, it defined our company.

From overall branding, graphic design and digital marketing to social media, special events and PR, Company B created much more than the look and logos of this incredible 100-room property. We helped write the story.

Today, as an owner of The Iron Horse Hotel, I’m proud to showcase this hotel as a case study in hospitality branding and marketing. As Company B steps aside to take on new opportunities within this market, we are happy to reflect on the foundations of what we created for this very special hotel.


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