Nip Tuck

Nip Tuck

The Plaza Hotel, located in the heart of Downtown Milwaukee has been positioned as the city’s resident Art Deco hotel since 1925.

With a resurgence in Milwaukee’s downtown neighborhood, and new players entering the hotel market place, The Plaza approached Company B for a much needed facelift.

Refreshing an iconic local brand can be a daunting task–why mess with a formula if it’s working? But rebranding poses an opportunity to tighten messaging, reinvigorate existing consumers and reach new markets.

Through story-driven photography captured by Haas & Haas we used the hotel’s charm as a backdrop to our muses: a young couple and group of friends- all approachable, causal, well-cultured and curious.

New imagery, coupled with bold messaging and an eye-catching website positioned The Plaza a cut above their competition.

See for yourself.

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