New staffer, fresh perspective

New staffer, fresh perspective

A new staff member for a small agency offers the opportunity for both reflection and forward thinking. Reflection in considering how we operate as a team. The roles we all play, functionally and personality wise.

Teaching a new staffer company systems inherently begs the question, are we doing things right? What could we be doing better? All good reasons to stop and assess to avoid the “but we always do it this way” mindset.

Recent staff changes at Company B also had us revisiting our outward communications. We use the mantra “What’s Your Story?” for all of our branding clients, and as a result we have amassed hundreds of photos taken for our clients by some of the best photographers around. So we chose a few to display in our conference room to tell our story, and each staff member customized their new business cards with an image that reflects a personal favorite.

Rather than look at a new hire as a series of HR items to check off the list, consider it a time for breathing new life into the company.

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