Hotel Julien Goes Viral

Hotel Julien Goes Viral

People leave things behind at hotels every day, from a single sock to a wedding ring. Good hotels retrieve and promptly sent off these belongings to their guests. The difference between good and great was recently demonstrated by our client Hotel Julien.

When a child left behind their beloved stuffed dinosaur, the family alerted the hotel to the tragedy. The staff at Hotel Julien made it extra special, sending “Headcrust” off on a mighty adventure that included the spa, the restaurant and even a ride down the lobby banister. Returning the stuffed animal with photos of his adventure not only earned a lifelong loyal customer, it went viral. The mother’s Facebook post about the story rallied over 760 likes, a laundry list of social supporters and local TV coverage.

It’s this level of customer service that turns opportunities into true guest experiences and employees into brand ambassadors.

Here’s the full story of Headcrust’s adventure.

[blockquote]A big thank you to the hotel for taking the time to make a not so fun dilemma a great experience…[/blockquote]

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