Drink tequila, we will

Drink tequila, we will

Just got the staff tickets to Star Wars. A field trip if you will. Is there some deep message in the Force Awakening? Not really. It’s more about esprit de corps.

Along those same lines, it’s been suggested that Company B’s Margarita Fridays get posted on social media just to create jealousy. Wellllll, fair enough. But it’s also to foster a spirit of camaraderie.

As a small staff of 8, we’re a pretty tight-knit group. We get along well, compliment each other’s talents and largely embrace our differences. Teasing goes a long way to keep it light. But creating office harmony takes effort. I believe social team building develops trust, empathy and respect. It builds rapport and prevents conflict, or at a minimum, allows for easier resolution of it.

To be effective, team building needs to be regular. Part of the corporate culture. Or it starts to feel like a required annual gathering.

So, here’s to margaritas. And may the force be with you.

– Brigette

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