Here’s a post that may only interest our Milwaukee brethren. Alterra Coffee Roasters has been a roasting and brewing right here since 1993. It’s been a Milwaukee staple, incredibly well branded with its globally inspired graphics, iconic palette of black and primary colors and ubiquitous quirky t-shirts.

The time, effort and investment that went into the name change from Alterra to Colectivo was undoubtedly significant. A major undertaking by the owners, whose names are often said in unison (Milwaukee’s version of JohnPaulGeorgeandRingo). We applaud any company that can use our home town as a launch pad to national success. And the plan to announce it on a Sunday night was sheer social media genius. More buzz on that following Monday morning than a triple espresso.

But the name has fallen flat. From those that insist they’re going to continue to call it Alterra (like its a movement worth fighting for) to others who’ve dubbed it Colecterra (ok, me).

WardLincolnandPaul explained that “Colectivo” is inspired by the word colectivos, the “artful, funky buses used for public transportation across Latin America, which play a significant role in everyday life for the people who live there.” Ok. I guess. But branding is story telling and even geographic expansion can be based on your roots. This is the name of Milwaukee’s beloved coffee shops started by a trio of locals, and Mars Corporation gets to keep Alterra, so shouldn’t the story relate to us here? Such as, say….Bubbler! Better? Well, maybe I just like the B.

Post by Brigette Breitenbach – August 23, 2013

Photo credit: ©Copyright Colectivo Coffee

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