Capturing a New York Hotel

Capturing a New York Hotel

Your hotel website is likely the first impression a potential guest has to experience your property. Google ranks hotel websites as the #1 source used by business travelers and #2 source by leisure travelers for travel planning. So the saying, “a picture is worth a 1,000 words” really holds true. But it can’t just be another beautiful room shot.

Great hotel photography is your opportunity to express your brand and connect with guests on an emotional level. In a competitive market, everyone has great looking spaces. But photos of empty rooms often lack energy and personality. Photography, like graphic design, offers differentiation.  

Case in point, The Jane in NYC’s West Village. Equal parts quirky and mysterious, The Jane is what its owner, hotelier Sean MacPherson, refers to as “10% off reality.” Photographing  guest rooms small even by New York standards and a property filled with endless textures, patterns and details, The Jane is no easy shoot. How do you capture as much personality as property?

• Involve the client in the process
Presentations with no input are not only risky, they disregard the client’s own vision, perspective and history with the property and what makes it special.                                                                        

• Find the right photographer
In this case, the amazing
Bill Tyler whose eye for space, figures, light and movement were all key to this style of shoot.

• Invest in art direction and styling
Our team worked to ensure the details were right and the owner’s vision was expressed in every shot. This included wardrobe by
Jordan Dechambre and no-fuss hair and “no-make-up” make-up by Parker Davis.

In the end, our job is to capture the unique spirit of each client’s hotel. Our peek into the peculiar splendor of The Jane creates the curiosity needed to turn a website visitor into the next guest.

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