The Business of Branding Beer

The Business of Branding Beer

Milwaukee has been dubbed Brew City since five of the largest breweries in the United States called it home–Miller, Pabst, Blatz, Best & Schlitz.

Although some of these big names have dispersed, a resurgence has begun to fuel a new era of Brew City.

Third Space Brewing approached Company B to help craft a brand focused not just around brewing excellent beer, but one committed to fostering the growth of the industry and a space for the community to call their own.

Barley is to beer what brand pillars are to logo design. You can’t develop the “end product” without it. When the owners of Third Space Brewing tasked with branding their new brewery, we rolled up our sleeves to understand the core values of this new company.

First order of business? Logo.



We found the best way to visually portray the concept of Third Space was through shape and geometry.

The warehouse Third Space chose to call home influenced the overall shape of the logo.

In an elemental way, the shapes and geometry used in the logo and brand direction represent three key things. The physical “third space” in which people are gathering, the connections and community being created and the education and intelligence behind both the brewery and the beer.

Next up? An interactive website that brings together people, beer and community.

Stay tuned for more beer branding updates.

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