Black Sheep Joins the Heard

Black Sheep Joins the Heard

The opening of Black Sheep is right around the corner, and Company B is proud to be the brand developer and marketing firm behind the new wine tap bar. Located in Milwaukee’s Walker’s Point neighborhood, Black Sheep will be joining a large array of upscale restaurants and taverns.

“The space and design of a restaurant define it, and this may be why the Third Ward, Fifth Ward, Walker’s Point and Bay View make such great places to open restaurants. The unique buildings and decent lease deals are there, and both work well with great food.” hosted discussion panel
Although there are a large amount of dinnertime destinations in the area, the options for lounges and upscale wine bars are limited. Company B saw this as a unique opportunity for Black Sheep to not only be a reason for people to come to Walker’s Point, but for them to stay in Walker’s Point for after-dinner hours.

A question still remains. Why open up in an area with so many other options?

Simply. The more the merrier.

In a world were you have to go to your customer, not wait for them to come to you, opening a bar/restaurant is no different. Going where your customer is stimulates business in the neighborhood and creates a synergy for all other surrounding businesses.

To learn more, visit the Black Sheep Website.

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