A Whole New Altatude at Company B

A Whole New Altatude at Company B

As they say in ski country, we’re stoked about our new client, Alta Peruvian Lodge. An iconic hotel in Alta since 1948, the lodge has hosted generations of guests at its location at the base of Utah’s world renowned Alta Ski Area.

As a ski-only destination, Alta attracts die hards, and the Alta Peruvian has a celebrated history. With its pine-paneled walls, historic photos and roaring fireplaces, guests find a welcome respite from the runs. From the old-school keys (yes the metal kind) to the American-plan meals served to guests communally at breakfast, lunch and dinner, there are few places left like this.

Our job? To tell more people about it and join the hundreds of guests who have been returning season after season, some for more than 15 years.

Recently, the Company B team had the privilege to travel out west and experience the Peruvian for ourselves. With an environment that encourages comradery from the hot tubs and cozy lobby to some of the dorm-style accommodations, Alta delivers a sense of community and belonging.

Company B’s Hospitality Specialist, Jeffrey Raddatz had this response:

Although I was there on business and not an avid skier, it didn’t matter. Everyone from the staff and guests to the locals hanging at the famous bar, made you feel like family. Communal seating isn’t just encouraged, it’s insisted. But don’t fret, it’s fun! So I recommend pulling up a chair and sparking up a conversation- it’s well worth the experience.

Company B will work with Alta Peruvian Lodge to provide a comprehensive marketing campaign and ongoing strategy moving forward.

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